PDAWG, a rising Canadian music producer and DJ, released several tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube proving to critics that he can enhance the sound of songs that have already peaked on several hip-hop charts around the world including the famous Billboard charts.

PDAWG, who hails from California, has two swaying hip hop tunes on SoundCloud, the remix of ‘I Wish’ and ‘Uptown,’ and is poised to establish himself as the ideal music producer for the next era. People all across the world already enjoy these two hip hop tunes. For this stunning album from the Canadian music Producer and DJ, powerfully hypnotic rhythms combine a dark and industrial backdrop. He builds a clear but pleasant image through hypnotic beats around his listeners in less than two minutes, with a strong bass beat leading the way and a diverse flow increasing in intensity and weight throughout.The latest remix ‘Uptown’ is a haunting yet satisfying and brilliantly addictive single that makes and breaks its own rules, but does so under a professionally crafted and inquisitive, intriguing blanket of depth. It fuses both the unique style of a creative and thoughtful artist, and its equally considerate bars and dynamic sound mixing of a DJ with something genuinely refreshing to offer.


PDAWG has been performing music since he was a child and has excelled at it in every manner. He started from the ground up, producing debut songs on his own, and all of his hard work is paying off with significant exposure in such a short period of time. He has gone through several stages in his life, and his music reflects the life lessons he acquired from those trying times. Producing songs with powerful and energetic hip hop flow and playing with a pleasant tone of aristocratic beats, ‘Uptown Remix‘ and ‘I Wish Remix‘ stand out from the crowd. These two tracks are outstanding fusions of strong bassline and rhythmic balance that will fill the hole within the spirit.When you play the songs for the second time, the opening synth siren leads in with a sense of anticipation – you know what’s coming and are looking forward to the plunge into rhythm and power. He achieves a delicate yet great mix of delicacy and distortion, and then follows it up with incredibly pertinent mainstream tunes – indicative of a civilization at breaking point, and a person with a broad mental reach.

The soothing and dulcet beat of ‘Act Right Remix’ backs up his continual furious hip hop music flow. Despite the fact that he is a relative novice to this genre, his musical compositions already appear irreplaceable. This song expresses his enthusiasm and fervor for the one life he has. He believes in living life to the fullest and considers music to be his greatest paradise. ‘BS Remix,’ on the other hand, has a distinct flavor of hip hop with more pumped up beats and a faster tempo. The two well-rounded hip hop debut singles are climbing the charts. The young musicproducer is all about having fun, and his superfly personality and visions aid him in creating oscillating music. His ultra bass demeanor and superb determination to explore new paradigms of music make him a difficult act to follow.He has only recently begun and intends to make more good tunes in the near future. On Soundcloud and Youtube, he documents every step he takes in relation to his music.

For more tracks of PDAWG, Please go through the below link :  https://soundcloud.com/pdawg

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