Growing his popularity in the EDM landscape by creating sounds that span over a vast instrumental range and reveals a clear picture of his creative intention, an artist whose music is a confident reflection of his talent is Final Judgment. The London’s ElectroFusion artist possesses the ability to transform any mood with his sonic dynamics and has emerged as the most versatile musician in today’s age. He is a bona fide sound designer who uses real drums, real instruments, and all sorts of organic textures to curate his music. From guitar, a piano, bass, and real drum, the artist uses all of it to create a raw sound and gives it a wild polish with his stunning craftsmanship. His sound can be labeled as Electrofusion that begs the audience to move their bodies in unison.

Eruption is the latest powerful anthem dropped by the music curator and sweeps away the listener’s attention the very first time. The audience witnesses the wrath of Mother Nature and the power of volcanic eruption with the immersive sound arrangement that the artist has carefully weaved to hook. The song takes an unpredictable turn when the distorted electronic rhythms kick into the scene, presenting the song with an amazing change in direction. What started as a simple play of organic sounds quickly got dragged into a catchy Electronic spectrum of sounds that fully elevates the soundscape. The artist has put a lot of energy and creative perspective to curate the soundtrack that is filled with unpredictability at every step.

Without sounding chaotic, Final Judgment has chosen very distinctive and powerful punches to create the unique melody line that makes the listener feel charged up with its refreshing vibes. The ever-changing pace and the immersive pattern of sound flow keep the listener hooked and once everything starts falling into place, the artist does it again by offering soft, instrumental touch to swap the mood. Eruption is a brilliant representation of his versatility and his wide musical knowledge that presents the listener with an addictive and self-reflective instrumental soundscape. Hear out the full song on SoundCloud and follow the artist on Twitter, and Facebook for more updates.

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