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Providing a much-needed break from reality with his unconventional sound design, an artist who is shining out bright in the pop-rock and EDM genre with his outstanding music-making skills is none other than the 80s star Zarbo. Prolific Canada based artist and producer Zarbo is driven by the passion to bring the power and essence of classic EDM soundscapes back to the scene and has already gathered a lot of reputation in today’s date with his remixes. The artist was the founding member, bassist, and frontman of the Canadian power pop-rock trio Zarbo which was formed back in the 1980s and the artist has geared up to revive the full band force. His organic musicianship intertwined with the warmth of pop-rock music is sure to offer a good time to the audience.

Few tracks from the music producer that has created a lot of buzzes recently include Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix)’, ‘Correction In Direction (Electro Remix) ‘, ‘Save Your Money (Remastered 2020)’, and Getting To The Point (Remastered 2020)’. The artist has showcased all the extraordinary skills that easily distinguish him from the recent lot. Exploring the genre of EDM with his outstanding creative vision, the artist introduces fresh hooks that allow the listener to groove consistently to his hooks. The artist has merged the eclectic spirit o modern techno sounds with the vividness of Dance music and the impact of rock to create a sound that is most unique and offers anthem-like vibes to the audience. It seems that the artist has shed off the shackles of the past and imbibed the new-age culture to impress the audience globally.

Coming from Ontario, Canada, Zarbo aims to not just create sounds that compel the audience to get up and dance, but to allow them to reset their minds after having a long day. The freshness of his sound that comes attached with euphoria drags the listener into an almost dreamlike state and rewards them with good times throughout. Many of his compositions have already topped the charts including the Top 40, the Euro Indie Music Charts, the South African Electronic iTunes chart, and many others for his engaging Electronic mixes. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify for more updates.

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