Classic rap hits hard when it is executed with originality and a lot of passion. Joining his raw qualities to create mighty hip-hop sounds, artist Drew The Dream has made the industry take notice f his skills with absolute realness. Reaching the next echelon of music stardom with his extraordinary skills and profound music knowledge, the South Carolina Rapper is reaching out to millions at a time. He has a gorgeous and impactful vocal quality that makes him stand tall amidst the repetitive sounds. The rapper confirms his position with an unconventional aesthetic that hugely attracts the attention of hip-hop lovers.

Drew The Dream

The talented artist enjoys keeping it mysterious to excite his fans and has once again gifted them with surprising twists in his latest single ‘Heart Cry. The song is honest is deeply inspired by contemporary hip-hop but is somewhat rooted in the classic style. The song has a contrasting sense of nostalgia and hits hard with its fresh vibes. The rapper narrates the storyline with genuine expressions in his voice and the verses impact hard for its relatability. The emo-rap style combined with the intricate production results in the smoothest of vibes that directly touch the heart. The slow burn of the song makes it extra enticing and the rapper’s unique laid-back sound sits at the forefront.

Coming from the United States, Drew The Dream has portrayed his tasteful sound palette in the new single ‘Heart Cry’ and has hooked the attention with his recognizable vocal quality. The songwriting is inspired by his real-life experiences that allow the listeners to understand his creative perspective. The overall energy of the track is subtle and the rapper ensures to take everyone on a journey filled with sonic auras and captivating rap rhymes. Everything in the track works well to highlight his musical efficiency as the rapper showcases his faultless attention to detail with a witty nature of writing. While it’s not hard to depict the future of this amazingly skillful artist in the coming years, he will certainly stand out distinctly on his terms. Hear him on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details.

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