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Press Release is one of the most crucial marketing tools which are widely used all over the world to make fruitful growth of the businesses. Even though it is just written content, it has paramount importance in the field of marketing and promotion. A simple search on Google with ‘PR websites’ provides a result of numerous websites available over the internet which provide PR writing and distribution services. While it gets a little confusing where to choose from, the biggest question still lies ahead; is it safe?
Among the array of press release sites, there is a chance that some of the agencies could be fraud. But, how to understand that? There are a few tricks that can help to recognize whether a website is a scam or not.

  1. Check the Address Bar and URL

    Every website has a link designated with the address bar and URL. Check if it looks like this “HTTPS://” since the ‘s’ in the URL stands for secured encryption. This does not guarantee whether the site is fraudulent or not but a site with secured encryption is more reliable than the other ones.

  2. Contact details and Chat support

    Check the contact details provided by the company, such as e-mail, phone no, address, etc. Try to see if you can really contact them with the details provided. A fraud agency is more likely to provide scam details to not contact their clients again. Chat support can also help to recognize since it is 24×7 active shows the interest of the company to create better client relationships. A chat support show how responsible is the company.

  3. Social Media Presence

    Press distribution includes social media blasts as well since most of the target audience can be reached from there. There should be a strong social media presence of the company over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If there is no such result on the social media platforms, then the company is more likely to be fake or it can be a company with zero social media approach which makes it even worse.

  4. Appearance

    The appearance of a website might not be a convenient way to judge the website’s legitimacy but it can definitely provide an idea of it. Check if there is any poor grammatical error or any button or information on the website left unfinished. These are the symbols of unprofessionalism and a poor user interface on a website page is never acceptable. Looking from the other side, a website can be fake if it seems too good to be true. A website that provides unbelievable deals and free distribution every time sounds quite absurd. It is better to walk away from that website before getting lured by the cheap price tags.

  5. Google Safe Browser Transparency Report

    This allows you to check a website’s legitimacy with the help of Google. It lets you paste an URL on the platform it helps you to understand how trustworthy the website actually is.


There are many other ways to check whether a PR is fake or not but everything starts from the basic, which is research. So before availing of any paid service, be sure to cross-check the website in every possible way. You the take help of the previous clients as well.

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