DJ ZmanGet ready to embrace an enticing electronic soundscape with DJ Zman as the artist has come up with his latest tracks. The track The Start To A New Chapter is currently buzzing through the industry which is the first-ever single by the artist. Just like the track’s title suggests, it offers a smooth and energetic musical arrangement with a sense of initiation. The grand opening of a new chapter is conveyed through brisk moves of musical compositions. Featuring clarity and a grandiose arrangement, this track is making a new beginning in the electronic and music industry.

A brighter sound design along sweet and symphonic vocal approach can be found in another track named, Without You. This is track provides modern grooves of electro-pop music that grab the attention of everyone with its dicey composition and lyricism. The DJ has skillfully utilized the soundscape and vocal elements to create a seamless stream of exquisite musical experience. Both of the tracks ‘The Start To A New Chapter’ and ‘Without You’ is being two of the greatest contributions by Zman.

This unwavering Indiana electronic music artist is making some significant progress with nothing but his sheer talent and will. From childhood, this artist grew a passion for music which took a greater turn as he grew up. By the time he turned 11, the artist started composing on his Ipad with whatever he got. Nurturing himself further, his passion slowly turned into his profession with some of the greatest mixes like, ‘Z Mix Vol 1’, ‘Z mix Vol 2’, ‘Z Mix Vol 4’, etc many others. He has also released many tracks like, ‘Uphold’, ‘Incorruptible (Remastered)’, ‘Dream Chasing’, etc that reflects his consistency to his craft. Follow DJ Zman on SoundCloud and Instagram to know more about him and his music.

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