DJ Zman

Electronic Dance Music artist, DJ Zman is getting ready to change the perspective of the genre and as well as the audience with his musical and creative depth. An exemplary production and dynamic sound undulations make his music stand out in the scope of contemporary EDM. This DJ explores new areas of the genre and allows the audience to experience music at its best. He recently came out with the track; Uphold that conspires and succeeds in presenting EDM’s biggest surprise of the year.

Artist Zach Zellers is an Indiana electronic music artist DJ Zman who likes to bend the standards and execute new ideas through the scope of sound and beats. He likes to immerse his conscience as well as the audiences’ into an unknown stream of a musical journey that meanders into unknown but compelling territories. His resilience is his best quality that has also resulted in one of the best sets of his career, Z Mix Vol 4. It starts with an undulating scope of music and beats before taking the listeners on a remixed verse of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’. This is followed by many other tracks and collectively, they form a web of continuity set by the artist’s creative intelligence.

Artist DJ Zman hails from the town of South Bend, Indiana. Some of his songs that add to his versatile nature include ‘Z Mix Vol 2’, ‘Z Mix Vol 1’, ‘Incorruptible’ and ‘Dream Chasing’. He developed an inclination towards music and production at an early age. Just at 11 years old, he started fiddling with his iPad, a hobby that grew into a profession over the years. Now, he is looking forward to creating his sound stream and identity through his music. Update your playlist with the exclusive EDM verses by following him on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram.

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