The track ‘Cutlass’ by the artist Renado Saco is musically rich and technically sound. The Michigan-based music producer is looking unstoppable with his music.

Unbelievable rhythm, enchanting music, and a healing vibe are the core value of the track, ‘Cutlass’, by Renado Saco. The click of each rhythm involved in the track engages the audience and brightens and lightens the mood. The track showcases diverse ways of mixing songs with a straightening process of movement. The orchestral effect that the artist has incorporated at times makes the song dance-worthy with an unhindered rhythmic flow. The not so highly energized beats is the main feature of this track, as it enables people to relax after a day of heavy work schedule.  His passion, dedication, and ambition to be on the pedestal of the genre turn the song totally around. The dancehall genre is not easy to conquer unless it’s Renado Saco and his track Cutlass.


With the spirit of a devotee of music, he extended his limitations as DJ, aligning beats and rhythm together he has shown his mastery in his occupation. The track is nothing but one of the instances of his long-run vision with his music. The music is going to hit people across generations. Despite being a DJ, his approach in the song is quite unique. Moreover, his craftsmanship is brilliant in the track. It is now evident that the Michigan-based music producer is not only a mere remix artist, rather, but he also possesses the caliber to become the best of this genre. His long search for perfection seems to get over with the track.

Apart from this one his other tracks, ‘Astronaut In the Ocean (Renado Saco Edit)’, ‘2 pac troublesome ’96 Instrumental remake 2’ and ‘ATB 9PM Till I Come (Renado Saco Remix #3)’ bear the evidence o his astounding craftsmanship. All of his tracks are musically rich and technically sound. Listen to his track on SoundCloud, and show your love even on his social media handles Instagram, and Twitter.

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