A press release’s importance is known to all and the reason why more and more companies opt for their marketing prospects. Press releases are the ideal marketing tools for companies in reaching their goals. Any business irrespective of the industry can avail of press release distribution services and gain maximum results for their sales efforts. Although this is the ultimate goal of a press release, there are many other functional areas to follow.

Functions of a Press Release

What is a press release?

A press release is a piece of well-written news sent out on the company’s behalf to respective media houses. These media houses when publishing the same on their respective media channels, attract audiences a majority of which turns into customers. Media outlets can be anything from blogs to online magazines. The functions of the press release are mostly to captivate audience attention and drive their interest in their products and services.

Why is a press release written?

As mentioned earlier, a press release is directed towards the audiences for the company to gain positive exposure of their business among the mass. However, a press release is also a piece of news. So, it cannot be issued without a reason or an occasion.

Some of the most ideal occasions for issuing a press release include:

•  Product launch
•  Service launch
•  Website launch
•  Merging
•  On-Boarding
•  New location
•  Expansion
•  Increased turnover
•  Anniversaries
•  Events
•  Giveaways
•  Charity events
•  Awards


The benefits of a press release are beyond just increasing company sales. Press releases garner media coverage while providing more benefits along the way.

• Marketing Tool

A well-written press release that is optimized offers endless marketing advantages as the best public relations and marketing tool. Especially for start-up companies and individual business entrepreneurs, press releases are the best option to gain media attention and then, eventually the mass.

• Control Your Story

Press releases help companies control their story. So, the company decides how they want their image to be in the media, and depending on the same, they customize their topics as well as their goals.

• Visibility

This is another major function of a press release. They help in earning the engagement of the audience. It is also great for repetitive distribution campaigns. A successful media distribution means that the company is gaining new customers.

• Improving SEO

If a company wants to elevate its website in the market, an optimized press release is the best way to successfully do so. Optimized press releases help in boosting not only the company website but also create crucial backlinks.

• Social Media Boost

It is all about social media these days. If a press release is distributed across social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram, more people stand the chance of coming across the news. Everyone is linked to some of the other social media platforms. So, social media management and press release campaigns go hand-in-hand.

• Customers

Once a campaign hits the target audience, a portion of them turn into customers. It is also true that businesses gain a major section of their customers and sales through PR campaigns.

• Investors

A press release can contain information that is interesting to a potential investor or collaborator. No matter the industry, collaborations are the best way to go up the ladder. This way, the customer base also increases through the mutual interest of the audience. Interested investors can also check out the company through their website. There are also many investors out there looking for potential companies to work with. So, the scope of a press release is bigger than assumed.

• Industry expert

A company can establish itself as an expert in the industry through press releases. Once that is achieved, the way of earning more customers just becomes quick and easy. Building reputation is a goal that all companies harbor. Reputation also helps in maintaining good media relations which has great advantages in the long run. Both media houses and customers choose companies that are an expert or have a brand name in the relevant industry.


The various benefits or functional aspects of a press release allow businesses and companies irrespective of their industry to gain value, sales, and growth. So, anyone with a goal to take their company to new heights must consider press release distribution in their marketing objectives.

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