Artist SIR COG is one of the most promising hip-hop artists. His tracks reflect his energy and passion and make him the new successful hip-hop artist.


The song of the upcoming and promising hip-hop artist, SIR COG is buzzing the atmosphere of SoundCloud. His deep passion and enthusiasm for music have kept his going on the path of music. His songs are motivational and inspirational for the entire new budding hip-hop artist. As a believer in music, he always has faith in music, and its ability to convey his message to a wide range of audiences. So, he always tries to harness his skills to make his composition the best. With the use of electrifying sound design, mixed with his lyricism, he has done the job quite meticulously. With robotics touch in his vocals, he renders uniqueness to his songs, with which people have connected very deeply.

An artist is considered to be a great artist when he creates magic in aligning beats with his poetry. The artist does it so well in his music that it is impossible to question his ability. The new successful hip hop artist is so energetic in his way of performing his art that adds some extra vibe to his music. His songs ‘The System‘, ‘On Me’, ‘They’re Dying’, ‘The Reallennium’, and ‘This Ain’t No Joke’ bear the evidence of his energy and passion for his craft.

All his songs are rich in content, having all fundamental features of the genre. Moreover, the quality of the songs is multiplied by many times by his enchanting voice and captivating lyricism. Although he has a way of performing songs, the subtle touch of uniqueness saves him from being typecast. SIR COG is well aware of poetic techniques that he tries to incorporate in his music. YouTube witness a massive jump in their fan following numbers. Even fans started following him on his official Facebook and Instagram accounts. Listen to his songs and soothe your ears with the right kind of Hip-hop music.

Plug into SoundCloud to listen to his music:

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