A very passionate and talented artist from Los Angeles, Decimate is growing fast with his tracks in the field of EDM music. With his greatness in music, he has already won many hearts. However, this time to set some new records in music artist Decimate has come up with his latest EPTentacles. The EP consists of 5 songs. All 5 songs are showcasing his capability as a Los Angeles DJ. Moreover, the way, he approaches his music and goes through the process and concludes tracks, is an example of sheer perfection. The songs in the album have a unique sound that the listeners have connected with quite well.

The songs from the ‘Tentacles’ make a good connection with its audience and evoke very strong emotions and feeling in them. And these strong emotions will bring the audience to the dance floor and dance to the beats of the tracks. The artist, Decimate is quite efficient in his role as DJ in that his songs carry a seamless mixing of beats and other electronic musical instruments. Some songs are there in the EP that elicits feelings of nostalgia and some are just as simple as to dance on it only. His songs can be played from a festival to parties or friends get-together. His tracks are available on the SoundCloud app.

Intriguing sound design, innovative ways of composing are the main features of his EP. The pure music-based EP will make the audience take the whole vibe of it. The tracks in the EP are ‘Tentacles’, ‘Clank’, ‘Gully’, ‘Shadow Gift’, and ‘Kill VIP’. Al his songs exhibit his prowess in creating good tracks. His tracks have that aura to make people lighten their feet, and have the capacity to make him one of the best DJs in the world. Do listen to his songs and follow him on his official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to listen to more amazing mixes.

Listen and enjoy to this EP, just click the given below link:

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