With the song, ‘TRUTH (Prod. DJ Lost)’, by the Rhode Island hip hop artist Saggy2Slimey seems to be one of the emerging artists of the hip-hop genre.


An upcoming independent artist Saggy2Slimey has now emerged with his latest track ‘TRUTH (Prod. DJ Lost)’. The hip-hop industry that has seen numerous phases of evolution, has got one of the youngest artists to uplift the genre from the current absurdity. The artist with his musicality has proved to be one o the prolific emerging superstars of the genre. His track reflects his attitude, confidence in life. Moreover, he has a charismatic tone that makes people addicted to his music easily. His earnest dedication to hip-hop music has enabled him to create one of the best tracks of this genre.

The Rhode Island hip-hop artist has astoundingly exhibited the perfect blending of beats and rap in his music. He as a rapper focused more on rap and removed all the musical complexities to hit the minds of the audiences with the magical rhetoric of his rap. Nevertheless, the beats and other instrumental affairs are not less appreciable. Therefore, the song proves to be the one that the hip-hop genre was missing for a long time. Moreover, the single is from his upcoming EP which is happened to be his first, ‘Out Of This World’, which increases the expectations of the other successive tracks of the EP.

One of the most important aspects of the tracks is its poetic techniques. Techniques and rhetoric, when combine together, produce the perfect piece of rap. The artist seems to have learned all the methods of making creatively and technically best rap. His track, TRUTH (Prod. DJ Lost), stands out as a better track, as it exhibits all the essential components of the hip-hop genre. Furthermore, Saggy2Slimey always tries to encourage and inspire people through his tracks. His endeavor comes to fruition with this track. Check the track out on SoundCloud with other tracks like, ‘HeartEater’, ‘Party’, ‘Pride’, and so on. And follow him on his – Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

To listen to this song visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/user-3882234/truth-prod-dj-lost

Jacklyn Ryan

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