A creative and versatile artist can only provide a nice musical journey for music enthusiasts. Similarly, an Australian and Queensland-based dubstep, house artist Christian Krauter is versatile in his craft and music productions. Therefore, his latest released dubstep and house music productions mellifluous music box tune and live dj set 27.09.2021’ could provide a melodic but intense musical experience. Therefore, this quality has a different identity from the other contemporary dubstep and house music productions. Thus, this self-dependent and self-taught artist has some unique qualities, which could make seduce you and force you to listen to these songs more and more.

The artist always feels the music vibe in his body so each production of Christian Krauter has some totally different qualities and attributes, which you could not find in contemporary music productions. In ‘mellifluous music box tune’ the soothing and mellow instrumentals implementation with a different flavor leading part has shown his musical caliber. On the other hand, ‘live dj set 27.09.2021’ the artist has combined various types of electronic musical arrangements and made them aligned. The artist has started to mix up from the year 2017 and he mastered that quality within a very short span of time.

His songs must have listened as despite no musical background the Queensland DJ is creating some ecstatic songs for the song lovers. Moreover, his creativity is unique as he implements the latest innovation and technology with reinventing any music production. Some of his unique music productions are ‘Space Monkey Ride’, ‘DJ Liveset 13-10-2021’ and ‘Never Felt So Good’ and you can enjoy these music productions on Spotify, Soundcloud and on his YouTube channel. The fan followers could find him on different social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on his official website and they can directly make contact with this beautiful self-taught multi-talented artist.

Listen to his all latest track on SoundCloud please visit here:

mellifluous music box tune: https://soundcloud.com/christian-krauter-1/mellifluous-music-box-tune

live dj set 27.09.2021: https://soundcloud.com/christian-krauter-1/live-dj-set-27092021

Jacklyn Ryan

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