Artist Hiten Bachani tells the story of his life through the song ‘Turn This Around (Mumbai To LA)’. The Dubai based hiphop artist shows the real spirit of hip-hop

With a different kind of charisma in his voice, the artist Hiten Bachani has come up with his latest song Turn This Around (Mumbai To LA). The song has so many things to offer. From its musicality to its lyricism, everything in the song has been nourished with proper care. Within the hip-hop range, the artist has been playful with his skill and creativity. Further, by embedding his lifestyle and his journey from Mumbai to LA in a stylized manner the artist has made the song glittering among the songs of all the upcoming artists. By complementing the music with lyricism the artist could make the musical piece a magical one, which can make the audience lose themselves.

Hiten Bachani
Hiten Bachani

Mixing the beats with the lyrics properly the artist Hiten Bachani has given his best shot in this attempt. The music of the song ‘Turn This Around (Mumbai To LA)’ is very intriguing, and the rap lyrics were catchy and melodic. Melodic rapping is often considered to be difficult as maintaining the melody with pace is hard to do alongside. In that case, the artist proves to be confident as he did the hard task and it seems effortless. If the theme of the song is considered, the song mainly talks about the hard work that gets him from Mumbai to LA. The Dubai based hiphop artist primarily sang his life story with confidence, so that he can motivate thousands of people out there to do and achieve their destination.

His rap is the main thing of his song. It has the motivational elements that get bolstered by his vocals. Even in his other tracks, he maintains the same strategy with his rap and music. A few of such songs are ‘Get To You (ft. Charlie Hay)’, ‘Hold On Back’, and ‘TELL ME SOMETHING (ft. Taylor Reese)’. His songs are gathering acclamation on SoundCloud, and follow him on his official Facebook, Instagram, and, YouTube channel to know more about his lifestyle and his latest release.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘Turn This Around (Mumbai To LA)’ by Hiten Bachani :

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