The Pennsylvania hip hop artist, ZeNilism, has made one of the most beautifully crafted songs of the hip-hop genre titled ‘[Manic Blurr]’ [prod By AnnoDominiNation]  

Reflecting his style in his rap, the artist Jeffrey Joseph Smulligan, also known as  ZeNilism has come up with his latest track ‘[Manic Blurr]‘ [prod By AnnoDominiNation] to conquer the hip-hop world with his musical power. The hip-hop genre since its advent has gone through so many changes that it’s very difficult to define the music properly. However, the artist has appeared to maintain the originality and modernity in his music. It features well-manifested music that incorporates a palpitating and grooving beat. The rhythmic approach in the music further enhances the style of the music that shines in the atmosphere.


Mixing the beats with the lyrics inaccurate measure, the artist has given one of the best tracks of hip-hop music undoubtedly. The complementary and charismatic vocal adds an extra charm to his track. Moreover, the track offers a theme that is honest and reflects the real spirit of the artist. The Pennsylvania hip-hop artist has given his best performance in the track. Another aspect of his track is lyricism. Lyrics have worked as scintillating elements in the music. It bears poetic techniques and rhetoric. The use of rhetoric renders a beauty that people would love to talk about. Not only ‘[Manic Blurr]’, even the other tracks from his list ‘[Phycopath Meets Sociopath] [ZeNilism Ft, Yung Buck] [prod By AnnoDominiNation]’, ‘[Mentalism] [prod By OBMP Music]’, ‘[Rember Everything] [prod By Ryini]’ and many others show his vivid ways of craftsmanship.

It is such amazing musical performances that bring him fame and has featured him in IMDB. In a very short time, he has performed and shared stages with the various reputed artist. ZeNilism grinds his mind day and night to bring about such good tracks. All his tracks are available on SoundCloud. Stay tuned to his music as he is planning to drop more songs soon. Also, follow him on his official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Just go for this track ‘Manic Blurr’ by ZeNilism :



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