6ix Lxner

From instrumental beginning to outstanding lyrical prowess, alternative rock singer 6ix Lxner has made it all big with his powerful musicality. The subtle shock-factor in his latest track UFO offers a distorted metal riff. This 19 years-old rockstar has already achieved an exclusive audience base for being so transparent and true to beats. His song comprises the real-world sounds of rhythmic immersion. The excellent use of electronic elements along with instrumental beats has made the track one of a kind. His quirky vocalization is truly effective and offers an engaging aura.

6ix Lxner started developing an interest in music when he was a kid. It was his father who inspired him first to take up this career. However, later he got inspiration from some of the renowned artists such as – YUNGBLUD, And Machine Gun Kelly. Well, the lyrics of ‘UFO’ have a deep meaning of the artist’s darkest episode in life and overcoming that situation. This song consists of an effective melody that portrays the reflection of the personality of the artist. A retro young vibe along with heavy riff work has, therefore, set a wonderful example of classic alt-rock composition. The structure, vocal presence, and perfect rhythmic implementation – everything has fallen in the right place to make it big.

His SoundCloud profile is overflowing with love from worldwide fans and followers. Tracks like – ‘Overwhelmed’, ‘Riot Ft. Kozy’, and ‘Feel Good’ are worth listening in a loop. This talented North Carolina alternative rock artist 6ix Lxner is now working on his next album and fans expect that to be a big hit. In short, this artist takes the essence of rock and carefully combines it with passionate freedom of design. This young and passionate independent artist is also present on Instagram where he keeps on updating the information about his upcoming releases.

Listen to this latest track ‘UFO’, just visit the given below link: 


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