Calvin McFarland is on the rise of his music career with his latest melodic pop song How to love you (Mastered)’. This romantic-themed and the melodic pop song would feel you with positivism and hopefulness within your mind. Furthermore, most of his songs are related to the melodic relationship and this is the strength of this artist. The name of the production house of this singer is Melody addict records and he produces his ecstatic songs from this fantastic production house. Therefore, his latest released song is also a nice product from this production house and it would mesmerize you in every part of this music.

The track has already made a buzz among music enthusiasts due to its musical progression and lyrics. At the beginning of ‘How to love you (Mastered),’ the synth background and the electro effect can catch any listener of this music. Moreover, the artist has only used a simple rhythmic beat pattern with sometimes low and high pitches. In regarding the vocal, Calvin McFarland has used the harmonic effect for lifting the song to a new height. The lyrics of this song are fully filled up with the romanticism and love effect to his love. Furthermore, the title of the song is itself catchy and if you listen to this song, you will be hooked at the very beginning.

The artist is a songwriter and singer from Savannah ga and he has been making music for his potential listeners. Thus, the songs of this romantic singer can be found on the Soundcloud platform and some other songs of him are ‘I Dont Mind (Master)’, ‘Positive vibes only’ and ‘My Addiction (Master)’. It can be expected from this artist more romantic pop songs can be obtained. If you want to be connected with this artist, you can visit his Instagram page.

Let’s listen to Calvin McFarland’s new track ‘How to love you (Mastered)’only on SoundCloud:

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