Massachusetts hip-hop artist Ronney Crocs who is spreading wings in the hip-hop music industry will leave you in awe with his magnificent melody in ‘Because of you’.

Ronney CrocsMusic is something that first goes to the ear and then straight to the heart and stays forever. In that case, there is a new emerging artist Ronney Crocs whose music is not only good but soothes the heart. His songs are so relatable cause he makes music from his experience and it depicts what he feels about anything. The artist has come up with his latest single Because of you which delivers unmatchable synths and driving more traffic as well. The root of the song presents a hypnotic melodic pattern. The soulful yet energetic rhythm has, therefore, kept the audience enjoying every beat to its fullest. However, the caliber of Crocs has proved that he won’t ever leave you disappointed.

This Massachusetts hip-hop artist adds some intriguing elements to the track. He single-handedly composes, writes, and adds melody to all his tracks. His music is something that gets hooked to the mind and makes you hum all day. Moreover, his unique elements add extra flavors to the music. In ‘Because of you’, the laid-back delivery of verses and vocals for every section has swiftly presented the skilled musicality of this rising star. The bass guitar and swagger-filled lyrical prowess have made the track more enthralling. There’s a slow vibrato at the rhythm that can keep you tuned to the track for hours.

Like this song, Ronney Crocs has been delivering a lot of different tracks and making a unique identity of himself. His other songs ‘What I want’, ‘Back for more’, ‘See it through’, and ‘Break my heart’ are engaging more listeners to his SoundCloud profile. However, to communicate with his fans, this rockstar is now available on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can feel free to follow him to get updates on his next releases.

Check out this track on SoundCloud now:

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