Chicago rapper KOE G is setting the benchmark high coming to the top of the chart with his back to back hit songs and impressed all the hip-hop enthusiasts out there.


Rap is a genre of hip-hop music where it is not only a song but there is poetry also. Brandon Taylor aka KOE G is a new rapper who has influenced the culture of music in Chicago. He has introduced a different level to the hip-hop culture. He is an emerging artist who has given quite a few hit songs in this short time. His innovative way of writing skilled lyrics and mixing them with upbeat music is phenomenal. His lyrics touch the listener’s heart because he writes the lyrics from the depth of his heart. He writes from his experience, and that’s the unique trait he has.

He is an independent artist and works all by himself. He single-handedly writes, composes, and produces all his songs. All of his songs are produced by his own production house named THE NICKELBOY GROUP LLC. This superior singer-performer is winning everyone’s heart with his unique approach. In this short period of time, he has massive hits and just a few days back he dropped some latest tracks, named: NICKLEFABULOUS’, ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Neva Saw Me Comin. All three songs have gathered a lot of attention and love just a few times. The caliber of writing great lyrics and weaving it with splendid music is creditable. His website also receives excellent traffic.

Chicago rapper KOE G has just come into the industry and spread his aura. Apart from these songs other songs of this artist that are worth mentioning and listening are: ‘Ya UnStan’nat _’, ‘Da Murda I Wrote’, and ‘Som N In Da Past’. All of this artist song is available on SoundCloud, so visit his profile and listen to his song anytime, anywhere. To connect with his fans this rock star has come on social media sites so follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more updates about his future projects.

Let’s listen to KOE G’s new tracks only on SoundCloud: 


Black Diamond:

Neva Saw Me Comin:

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