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In this era of digital marketing, most entrepreneurs and business owners want their product, service, or the whole business to be featured in the media and news sites. Press releases are the only medium to get features through proper writing and distribution of the content. Even when it comes to availability, there are a plethora of free pr distribution services available over the web that work along with the paid services. Such a simple and effective way of garnering exposure is recommended for everyone. However, it can be confusing for a beginner to understand which one to choose from among this plenty of options. 

Both free and paid press releases can be a handy option for all kinds of business but both of them have their benefits and drawbacks. A better understanding of it can clear the clutter of confusion guide to go for the right option. 

Benefits of Free PR

Since it’s a free service, the users can choose it without worries of losing money over the service. Even if users are doubtful about the benefits can avail of it and check it themselves without losing spending a single dollar. 

  • Completely free and allows everyone to avail of it without any hesitation whether it’s a businessman or musician.
  • Plenty of free pr website is available online which provides multiple options to choose from. 
  • In the case of aggressive promotional methods, free PR can be very helpful.

Drawbacks if Free PR

Anything that is free, does not play the game long way. So it is better not to expect much from a free service. It has some of the drawbacks like, –

  • An array of websites makes it quite daunting to find out a legitimate agency.
  • Usually, the writing services are good but free distribution might not include renowned newswire or Google affiliates. 
  • It is easy to get lost or not get a reply back from the company since there is no customer support in most cases. 
  • It cannot be availed of multiple times from the same website. 

Benefits of Paid PR

They say, “You get what you pay for” and the paid PR services do that with numerous benefits.

  • The exceptional quality of writing with a journalistic tone. 
  • Proper distribution over top-tier newswire and media platforms.
  • SEO optimization to gain more online visibility and web traffic. 
  • Image inclusion, embedded links, and social media buzz to gather more readers and potential customers.
  • 24X7 customer support to provide 100% client satisfaction

Drawbacks of Paid PR

The only drawback of paid services is the pricing system. The average cost of PR distribution can range drastically. It is quite difficult for small-scale business owners to avail of it. However, once it is purchased, it can push the business’s exposure drastically. 

Now that you are acknowledged with both sides of the services, you can purchase a service according to your business marketing plan and required exposure. It is beneficial, cost-effective, and boosts the sales of the business. 

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