Noivas Llednek

This hip-hop rap artist has a daunting way of expressing his songs. This artist is from Bristol Station Court, Carteret, New Jersey. His vision of music is very clear and ambitious. Noivas Llednek has started to cultivate his passion for hip hop from the early days of his life. This artist is gifted with great vocal quality and his skills of mixing and producing tunes are recommendable. Each of the works guarantees enough explosions of words and tunes. He has recently released Come With Me (Master) just a week back, which is also packed with dynamic forms of hip-hop tunes.

This New Jersey hip hop artist is a working individual and denotes his musical works as the Documents of his experiences. His way of narration is honest and fresh which will greatly impact the hip hop enthusiasts. This new-age artist has offered several hits in these years. His musical career is promising enough and will make it huge in near future. He is already working on a couple of singles followed by some mixtapes and an album as well. His body of work, his music have been inspired by life and pain. All the sufferings of life have created this budding artist.

Over these years this artist has matured with the lines and frames and structures of his songs. which can be seen in this new age hip hop rap artist’s new hit Come With Me (Master), which has already crossed over 33k plays in an online platform already. This promising track has the components to reach many more. His ‘42(feat.Mizzy)’ reached over 446k plays on Soundcloud as well. And he evidently has the potential to become the next face of hip hop industry. Some of his well arranged, promising, and popular numbers are ‘Interstella(N¥$&O.C.T. Javi)’, ‘Gibberish’, ‘Cooling’, ‘Moving Mountains’. Follow this artist on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Listen to this latest track Come With Me (Master)’, check out the given below link:

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