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One of the most popular celebrities of Myanmar, Paing Takhon gets convicted for three years. He was taking a part in mass protests that provoked Myanmar following a military coup last February.

Takhon is one of the popular faces of the Myanmar entertainment industry, with millions of fans and followers.

He took part in anti-coup protests and had also been vocal about the faults of the government online.

After the claims of election fraud, the Myanmar military took over control.

According to a post by his sister on Facebook, Takhon was arrested in April at 05:00 local time, he was arrested by 50 soldiers who arrived in eight military trucks.

His legal advisor Khin Maung Mylnt told AFP he had been sentenced to hard labor. And his family is considering appealing on any grounds possible.

This young blood had been participating in several marches and rallies.

This 24-year-old celebrity also posted images of Aung San Saa Kyl, an outcast civilian leader, and pro-democracy icon. She was also sentenced to four years of jail for a gathering and breaking Covid-19 rules. And this was the first of many verdicts that could have her in jail for life.

‘We strongly condemn the military coup. We demand immediate release of state counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint, civilian government ministers, and elected members of parliament,’ Paing Takhon has written this in an online post.

‘We demand to respect 2020 election results and form new civilian government soonest by NLD led parliament.’ He added further on.

His Instagram account was blocked shortly after his arrest which had over a million followers.

A close friend of his who wished to stay anonymous informed that Takhon was suffering from depression and his physical condition was so severe that he could not stand properly.

However, he added that ‘aware of the consequences” awaited him, adding that he was “not scared at all.

Both of his mobile phones were seized along with him.

Takhon is not the only one who was arrested for speaking against the coup. A beauty pageant winner and a comedian who spoke against the coup were also detained by the Militaries.

After the massive defeat by the ruling National League of Democracy, the Myanmar Militaries took control of the nation.

The military claimed there were faults and frauds in the polling system. But the election commission dismissed this claim by saying there is no evidence to support the claim.

According to Assistance Associate for Political Prisoner (AAPP), since this February, at least 1,178 people have been killed and 7,355 people have been arrested, charged, or sentenced many of who spoke against the coup.