There is a superhero being inside every person and Teddy Konickson is proving that again with his latest science fiction story, Extraordinary. The book has been published on April 30, 2021, and is available on Amazon for purchase. With a powerful story and plenty of relatable elements, the book is revolving at the epitome of everyone’s attention.

In the story, the main character, Charles is an average nerd kid with zero social life and friends. He is not just the regular introvert kid but also someone who is bullied a lot. He is even unable to express his feelings for his crush. The miseries take a higher notch when he almost faces death in a car accident and tries to find out the meaning of this miserable life.

However, the danger in Hartsville eventually saves his life and makes him stronger than ever. Charles figures out his new superpowers and metamorphosis, he begins to realize his responsibilities as a superhero. However, there is no end to the misery. Can he save earth from turning into ruins while dealing with his own misery? Find out by purchasing the book at Amazon.

Teddy is greatly inspired by Marvel and DC comics as well as all kinds of anime and mangas. Considering ‘Attack on Titan’ to be his favorite, this talented geek and the author has developed a knack for science fiction stories in his childhood. And now he is exploring his creativity and vision through his books. As an author, he is greatly inspired by George R. R. Martin.

Teddy Konickson

The latest book ‘Extraordinary’ is a story of an ordinary kid turning into a superhero is something every reader can find relatable. There is a Charles within everyone and it’s time to embrace it. Get more details about the book and Teddy Konickson on his Facebook and official website.

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