Christian Krauter is prolific in his style and finesse in his ways of composing music. The Queensland DJ has the ability to draw the attention of the masses.

Young, versatile, and upcoming talent from Brisbane Australia, Christian Krauter has given some the tracks of the EDM genre on SoundCloud. With his brilliant efforts of composing, he has delivered some beautiful party tracks to his fans.  Being a DJ, he has understood the different moods of people, which helped him a lot to compose his music. Moreover, he has spent most of his life traveling. Visiting different places gave him the chance to come across different cultures, languages, and music. Harnessing all his experience in music, he makes some energetic songs that people can resonate with and dance to its energy.

christian-krauter-studioIntriguing beats, groovy music, and rhythmic flow are the key characteristics of his music. Through the Queensland DJ tries to cover different subgenres of EDM, like, downtempo, dubstep, and house. However, the most glittering thing about his music is the refreshment it provides with it. Their years of experience in composing music and traveling to different places gives him the access to go diverse with his every composition. The song A- Bit Sound Definition is a track made for party lovers who want to lose themselves in the world of pure music. It also gives the listeners the retro vibe with some feelings of the old music.

Another song Good-Bye-2021-Mix is a piece of music that once loves to never come out, once he/she gets into the music. It is a live recording of the artist bidding goodbye to the previous year. Christian Krauter has produced some other music for the listeners like, ‘Space Monkey Ride’, ‘DJ Liveset 13-10-2021’, ‘Dirty Bass’ All his songs are made in such a way that it creates music utopia for the lovers of the genre. So, listen to all his song on SoundCloud and other music platforms like Spotify and YouTube. To know more about him, do follow the emerging talent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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