Beau Nair turns up as a brilliant composer of this generation. The album ‘Beau Nair’s Answering machine Message Vol 1’ makes listeners laugh.

The artist Beau Nair has brought some new kinds of flavors to country music. He as a singer, songwriter, and comedian has garnered fan following and acclamation from all over the world. With the versatility of his voice and amazing sense of music, he has filled his profile on SoundCloud with full of the humorous album. His songs seem like the style of narrating a story. In other words, he can also be considered a funny storyteller. Humorous remarks are making fun of any social upset are parts of his craftsmanship. His songs may make feel listeners some absence of mind comedy, the artist has never left the playlist empty of his talent and skills.

Beau Nair
Beau Nair

With his energy, he can take on the mind of the listeners. The album Beau Nair’s Answering machine Message Vol 1 is indeed a comic one. It is filled with comedy, enigma, prank, and humor. The voice actually sounds like talking to someone over a phone call which happens to become his signature style and the main driver of the album. The tracks of the album include- ‘Trophymaster’, ‘Grocery Outlet’ ‘calling Bert’ and ‘About the Education Job’. Moreover, the artist has a different level of energy to perform each craft. In his endeavor to achieve perfection in his craft, he has given his best in the album.

One of the main features of this album that would drive people towards is its flow. The flow of the artist is unparallel to any of his contemporaries. It feels like he has poured his heart and soul into each work to make them one of the best of the time. People are forced to laugh and at the same feel amazed and delighted while listening to something unique piece like this. Listen to the album ‘Beau Nair’s Answering machine Message Vol 1’ on SoundCloud and for other information follow Beau Nair on his official Instagram and Facebook account. And get to listen more like this visit his Website.

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