Shantel Lou

Author Shantel Lou is spreading her creative aura through the latest book The Art Of Being Unbothered: How To Wear An Armor Of Confidence Against Negativity. The book is offering an ample amount of positivity in a depressing world where most people are suffering several issues mental health and trauma.

The book has been published on 23rd August 2021 and already kept its name out there among readers around the world. It is currently available on Amazon in all the three mediums such as Kindle edition, Audio Book, and also paperback.

Shantel did an amazing job in crafting this book that is quite important to maintain a healthy mental state. In today’s world, almost every other person is coming out with their past traumas and child abuse incidents that keep them haunting for the rest of their life.

People suffer from insecurities, lack of confidence, self-blaming attitude, and many other issues that eventually drag them to an unhealthy lifestyle where even taking care of oneself gets very critical. The author has felt the misery through her life and overcame it with her determination. She has successfully revealed the unhealthy pattern of self-blaming attitude that drains the sense of happiness among most people.

With her realization and more than 100 hours of study, the author is now offering her observations through the latest book ‘The Art Of Being Unbothered: How To Wear An Armor Of Confidence Against Negativity’ to offer readers an adequate amount of information on how to deal thing traumas and gain more confidence.

The book emphasizes the positive practices of life that can create a shield of confidence to get through tough times. It embraces the beneficial values of self-love and acceptance that nullify the abusive memories of trauma, self-harm, and loathing. The book helps readers to understand the benefits of vulnerability and forgiving their own self that can reduce the ill effects of depression and loneliness.

Shantel Lou is looking forward to publishing more books in the coming days that can spread a more positive essence among everyone. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to explore more about this prolific author and her engaging books.

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