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Talented author H. L. Dowless has come up with his latest book Southbound to Angel Island’, a remarkable creation in this modern era that comes both in paperback and kindle version. The book skillfully crafted with an amalgamation of multiple emotions and timelines. It has been released on 1st November 2021 and gathered a lot of attention within two months. The book is also proving its worth as a best seller.

Written on an intriguing subject matter on the ancient glory of America, the book is capable of taking the readers back in time when everything was extraordinary. Unfortunately, America now has become full of complexities with economic, social, and political changes. Law is imposed depending on the hard facts and excellence for the masses is forbidden now which was well practiced in the nation’s past.

The story takes a bigger turn with the existence of Angel Island on the southern seas. The Island is renowned for keeping the cultural impact of the past, holding a bright past in the present time. Many people long for the journey to this island with the hope to change their lives and the author depicts the journey through the latest book ‘Southbound to Angel Island’. The fellow explorers and readers can purchase the paperback version from the Amazon to find out the mysterious island hidden in the pages.

The title is well justified and the storyline is established enough to reflect the author’s creative persona and prolific writing skills that can stir the deeper emotions of the readers. H. L. Dowless is a talented stateside and international academic instructor who has been writing for more than 30 years. With his unwavering personality and its influence, the author is connected with multiple publishing companies like Scarlet Leaf Publishing Company, Algora Publishing, and so on.

The author has also released many other books that helped him pave his way such as, ‘The Analytical Origin Of Life On Planet Earth’, ‘The Golden Girl (short story package)’, ‘The Grand Army Of The Golden Eagle’ and the list goes on. Follow the author on Twitter and Instagram to know more about H.L. and his amazing books.

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