American author, blogger, and small business owner Dennis L Binder Jr has published a brand-new book on the topic of the current economic situation named, ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition’ on Amazon on January 4th, 2022. The book is available in the Kindle version.

The book is about the contemporary tax rates in the country and how it impacts the people belonging to different economic statuses in society. According to his research, the current tax rates are excessively high for all taxpayers. He explains how it is hurting the middle class and working-class people. He talks about much-needed Tax rate reductions and how it helps create more/new jobs. It also increases the tax revenue and grows the economy of the country as a whole.

Dennis L Binder Jr

He has also expressed his concerns about Individual Liberty, gun control, immigration, crime, socialism, terrorism, environmental policies and more in the book. Everything is explained quite easily in the book as he has used common logic, everyday examples close to home and documented facts to explain his thoughts and solidify his ideals.

The Dakota-born writer Dennis L Binder Jr has used his real-life experiences and knowledge about Farm & business economics, US and world history, politics, current events, and more. His latest book, ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition’ offers great insight on how the American tax system works and how it impacts the citizens…… all in simple words.

The economic and political philosophy presented in this book is bound to open the eyes of the readers in the country about the tax they pay regularly – without giving serious conspiration regarding ‘tax justification’. The book offers a unique perspective on different issues like the US economy, job creation, taxes, and more from America’s Heartland – validating ‘select policies’. The book is now available only on Amazon.

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