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Yemeni government that is recognized internationally sent their forces along with United Arab Emirates-backed allies sweeping through the central province, as they forcibly made the Houthi rebels out of Marib, the second-largest district. An official shared some information about this new development in Yemen on Wednesday.

The latest development in Marib is a setback for the Houthis, Iranian-backed rebel forces. They have been trying to take control of the oil-rich province for years now. First UAE-backed Giant brigades took control over Shabwa province earlier this month before they started to advance towards Marib, the Saudi forces covered them with air forces to make their way easier.

Government forces and the Giants reclaimed the district of Harib and center south of Marib city after nearly two weeks of fighting and forcing their way into the nearby district Juba, said Brigade Abdou Megali, a military spokesperson. The Houthis had taken two districts last year, as a part of their offensive on Marib.

Fighting also raged between the internationally recognized Yemen government forces and the Houthis elsewhere including in the provinces of Jawf and Taiz, he added further.

The giants posted video footage of their forces through what they said was the center of Harib, as reported.

Two other military people have spoken on this matter to the media on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media, who were inside the coalition as the district was taken back to control.

As the Houthi missiles and drones attacked Saudi Arabia along with UAE, the Saudi-led coalition made counter airstrikes on the Houthi-held territories of Yemen. Since then Yemen’s crisis has been accelerated.

The crisis is worsening the geographical implication of the gulf region. This has raised some questions on the international community, especially the UN, who has to resolve this critical issue.

In the previous scenario, the UN has failed to find a long-lasting ceasefire situation that will help both the forces to come up with settlements to this conflict. Some other agencies are trying to pacify the scenario since 2011 after the failure of the UN.

The Office of the Special Envoy to the Secretary-General on Yemen (OSESGY) was established to engage with the entire Yemeni political grouping and the Secretary Council (UNSC), has adopted many resolutions concerning Yemen, calling all parties to respect and obey the ceasefires. UN agencies are now providing humanitarian relief to the country, helping the commoners of the country.

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