The Queensland DJ, Christian Krauter is brimming positive vibes with his creation. The outstanding musical presentation has captivated the heart of the listeners.

Currently in the genre of pop and EDM Christian Krauter has taken a significant spot in the music industry. The talented artist has delivered outstanding soundscapes that are profuse with intriguing music and tune. The subtle tune of the tracks grabs listeners’ attention from the very beginning. It is being difficult for the listeners to take out the gorgeous songs from the mind. The independent artist likes to work alone on the tracks. This DJ is a multi-talented artist who is not only a musician but is the director of Datanova, which works on cloud-based software. The artist has set a benchmark in the music industry with his prolific music.

Christian Krauter
Christian Krauter

The Queensland DJ has given a lot of songs in his musical career. But there are two tracks of him that are gaining a lot of attention. The songs are, Major John Retro and Matthews – Beat. Both the tracks are a compilation of a lot of songs. The soundscapes are beautifully mixed and balanced out with delicate beats, which gives a pleasing outcome. The artist has tried and experimented with a lot of subgenres of pop. Some different genres he has worked on are house, trap, dance, tempo, and more. For the versatile approach, his creations are getting so much affirmation from the audiences.

Christian Krauter is growing his business at a steady pace and flourishing his career. He has produced a lot of songs that have been acknowledged by the listeners. Some of his praiseworthy works are, ‘Space Monkey Ride’, ‘mellifluous music box tune’, ‘Never Felt So Good’, and ‘Better Things To Do Then Thinking Of You’. All of his tracks are available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. To listen to his songs visit his profiles and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Other than that, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know more about his upcoming projects.

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