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Soulful Black & White is sending a chill down the spine with his enigmatic songs. With the prolific music, the artist has earned a huge number of listeners.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Girona, Spain Feb 21, 2022 ( – Soulful Black & White is a cooperation of the singer Morris Onuegbue and producer Ted Peters. The vocal artist Morris is an emerging artist who has turned the world of music upside down. This gifted artist is a songwriter and performer who have given outstanding pieces of music in his musical career. The well-versed lyrics and intriguing music have created a different aura of him. His beautiful lyrics did complete justice to the tracks. He single-handedly makes the songs and all of his creations produced by Ted. His vast array of approaches has made his creations unique from other vocal artists.

The Nigerian singer has given three amazing songs that are trending in the music industry, those are ‘Tonight is the Night’, ‘Ever Loving Still’, ‘She`s the Game’, ‘All I Have to Give’. All the songs are structurally different and contain different music along with tunes. Over that the lyrics and voice have helped to flourish the tracks more. This artist never misses a chance to live up to the expectations of his fans. The exemplary artist has garnered attention from all over the world with his different way of presentation.

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Soulful Black & White has successfully given numerous songs. some of them are have gathered many ears, few of them are, ‘Let It Go’, ‘Lucia’, ‘She Is into You’, and ‘Things I want to Say’. All of these songs are filled with unique tonality, music, and lyrics. His every song is available on Spotify. Visit his profile anytime to listen to them. Other than that, follow this duo on Instagram, and Facebook to know more about his upcoming projects.

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She`s the Game:

Tonight is the Night:

Ever Loving Still:

All I Have to Give:

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