Press Releases are considered to be one of the most beneficial mediums for exposure that helps every organization and individual to gain organic exposure. With its paramount importance, many professional agencies offer effective services for PR writing and distribution. It gets a little confusing for everyone to find a suitable website among the plethora of options. While there are a variety of agencies, there are some common attributes that assure the agency’s efficiency.

press release distribution services

Check the following aspects before hiring any agency.
• A range of services
• Dynamic marketing strategy based on modern trends
• Top tier quality writing skills of the writers
• Huge media coverage with a distribution over several platforms
• Affordable pricing system for different packages along with easy payment options

A list of the top 10 best press release distribution services are given below,

1. Issuewire

Issuewire is one of the leading PR writing and distribution agencies that has empowered numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals with its legitimate packages. The company is widely renowned for offering a variety of packages and each of them is highly effective. The team of prolific writers and SEO experts of the company makes sure each user gets 100% satisfaction with results after purchasing any package on press releases.

• Four amazing packages along with a freemium option
• A huge distribution channel of over 300+ top tier newswire and media platforms
• Fairly reasonable pricing system than any other agency
• Professional writers can craft attractive content on any business and vertical regardless of the industry
• Addition features of SEO, permanent hosting, social media integration, SEO audit, and the list goes on
• 24×7 active customer service to guide the users with quick resolutions while offering complete guidance to each step
• 100% transparency with analytics and metrics

2. Linking News

This agency is known for boosting brand awareness with its amazing SEO professionals. With expertise in search engine optimization, the organization offers the best marketing solution for everyone. Their savvy editorial team and affordable plans can captivate everyone.

• A complete SEO coverage
• Gain more visibility quickly
• Competitive pricing system
• Strong distribution network
• Guaranteed placements on niche platforms

3. BusinessWire

Based in the USA, this agency is well revered for paving the way for many businesses and organizations. With its expertise and experiences in the field, the agency helps to gain relevant exposure from reporters, editors, marketers, investors as well as potential competitors. They utilize their patented news network to offer more organic exposure that lasts long.

• PR distribution in over 20 languages
• GMSM support
• 18 top tier newsrooms around the globe with a huge audience base
• Social media integration

4. Globe Newswire

Are you looking forward to reaching a larger number of the target audiences? Perhaps, this is the best agency for the purpose. The platform helps to make press release distribution on a large scale. This international PR distribution service includes multimedia content along with PR financial disclosures to relevant media, investors, niches communities, and lastly the mass audience.

• Daily reports are available
• High-quality media snippets
• Efficient distribution network in many languages

5. PR Web

This agency can offer significant online exposure that helps startup companies and independent businesses to grow. The company has a handful of online resources and a professional editorial team. They make sure to review every PR before distribution and share the story among journalists, bloggers, and subscribers.

• Easy and user-friendly
• Unlimited word count for Press release
• Reasonable cost
• SEO optimization along with multimedia attachments like pictures and info-graphic images

6. 24-7 Press release

This organization was founded back in 2004. Spending almost two decades in the industry, this organization is much experienced in handling all kinds of PR needs based on different businesses and industries. The company also offers a free release as a trial so that users can enjoy it free for the first time. Cater to more attention with its affordable packages.

• Effective distribution
• Region-based geo-targeting
• Free trial offer for everyone
• The translation is also available


It is one of the most trusted online PR agencies that offer guaranteed placements along with news inclusion. The distribution includes Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, and the list goes on. The organization is quite great for smaller organizations and startup companies.

• Requires no registration
• Free access to information for all
• Huge directory and web traffic
• Precisely targeted distribution

8. PRLog

This agency has garnered much attention with its versatile approaches suitable for every business. Whether you want to target potential reporters or boost your ranking on the search engine result page, PRLog is capable of taking care of everything. The agency helps to gain more online visibility that improves the business’s market presence.

• Options for free press release distribution
• Search engine optimization and Google indexing to rank better on SERP
• Offsite Sharing
• Accessible database for everyone

9. iCrowd Newswire

The platform is established in 2015 and possesses intricate knowledge and marketing skills based on modern market trends. Integrating the latest technology, this agency can offer unparalleled results compared to other PR organizations. If you want to stand out among all, this agency is a perfect fit for you.

• The unbelievable flat pricing model
• Wide network for distribution
• Translations, analytical reports, and metrics

10. PRWire Pro

This agency is a perfect enhancer of SEO ranking and capable of offering organic exposure to all. The distribution network includes more than 250 news and media platforms that help ro improve brand presence. It also indexes them on the major search engines.

• Several distribution plans
• Free submission for unlimited releases
• Potential Newsroom access
• Daily reports and additional benefits

Final Thoughts

Press release distribution is the perfect choice to boost the growth of a business in a direct and influential way. Let’s be honest! They are the experts in the field and exactly know the places from where you can garner organic exposure that eventually boosts the sales, growth, and customer base of a business. Visit the aforementioned websites, compare their packages and pricing system along with features to find out what suits your business the most.

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