SIR COG is one of the most entertaining and impactful hip-hop artists. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist is successful in contributing to the growth of the genre. 


Consistent in his effort and explicit in his style, artist SIR COG has is always one of the most entertaining and impactful hip-hop artists. He is fast, rhythmic, and melodic at times. The songs of the artist leave mark on the hearts and create the audiences with a sense of respect for him. His brilliance in composing music is conspicuous, and his creative genius is vivid through his songwriting. Moreover, it is his style and versatility in singing a song that makes his songs so impactful. Adding to this syncopated bass and buzzing instrumental affairs create a sense of madness.

One of the most influential songs of the rapper is Grind School Freestyle’. The songs hit the mind of the listeners differently. The heavy metallic bass, contemporary beats, and non-instrumental digital music have provided variation to the song. The artist can be recognized as a pathbreaking artist of rap music. Through this song, he has envisioned the unseen and unknown territory of the genre. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist is brilliant in his effort and successful in delivering sensational songs like ‘Caution Freestyle’, ‘Corn Bread Freestyle’ and ‘The Chemist Freestyle’ and many others’

Another song that must be mentioned in his contribution to the music world is his Guerilla Monsoon Freestyle’. The song will be remembered for the artist’s good understanding of lyricism and efficiently handling of the subject matter of the song. The artist has exhibited his credibility in writing songs. The use of rhetoric in the song is in abundance which further enhances the effectiveness and impact of the song. All his songs are available on SoundCloud. SIR COG is now set to make a comeback to the music world again. So, stay tuned. And till then follow him on his official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify account.

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