The book ‘CHAMELEON: The Poacher’s Enemy’ by Brandon Kimbrough is based on a very vital and urgent topic that needs the attention of the people deservingly.

CHAMELEON: The Poacher’s Enemy

The book CHAMELEON: The Poacher’s Enemy by Brandon Kimbrough is a book that discusses how the life of a young boy Ben tuned around after he witnessed the brutal poaching of a lion while on a jungle trip with his family. The impact of the incident was so deep that he decided to spend his life on a mission of saving the lives of the animal from these malicious activities of poachers.

The first installment of the book shows how Ben prepares himself to become the savior of the innocent animals in the jungles. Despite a lot of hurdles and hindrances in his path, Ben shows his extreme determination to be resolute in his mission.

The author of the book has written this book to create awareness amongst people about illegal poaching. At the same time, the book also inspires people to save the animal from being brutally slaughtered by the predator.

The author, first, has enlightened the uninformed readers about the brutal activities against the lives in the forest. To stand by his purpose, he has employed several characters.

The book acquaints the readers with the vicissitudes of lives as well as the human psyche. About the book, the author has states, “This book has been written to bring awareness about the world of illegal poaching and to inspire people to save these animals, prone to illegal poaching, from extinction. My goal is for animals to cohabit in their environment in peace. (In other words, leave them alone).”

At last, ‘CHAMELEON: The Poacher’s Enemy’, is a brilliant book written by Brandon Kimbrough. The author’s insights about the animals are vivid through the character of the protagonist, and leave a great impact on the minds of the readers.

This book is highly recommended for those who would love to know about the lives in the forest. It is now available on Kindle.

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