Serag Monier

The Egyptian award-winning Novelist Serag Monier has launched the translated version of his new work called A Pacific Love. This is a story of a woman falling in love with a Dolphin and how two different yet sensitive species can bond overcoming all the earthly barriers.

The author is from a small town called Buto in North Egypt born in 1977. He is a consultant plastic surgeon in the Middle East and he is a lecturer in a medical school as well.

He has published six books in Arabic; two of them including this new one have been translated into English. Eman Thabet has offered the consuming translation of the book with 212 pages that shares a story that takes the readers on a journey of love which speaks of love as well.

The book was published on 16th February 2022, making a gripping impact on the readers. Serag Monier has been writing books and publishing them since 2014. The other book that was published in English is called ‘Neanderthals’.

In this book, the readers are offered a story of a woman who has been and seen emotional turmoil throughout her life. But nothing has been able to change her way of loving and putting out the fire in her soul.

Her open heart played a major role to make her choose this journey that has numerous earthly barriers. While the dolphin the male protagonist of the story was told that the human race is nothing but savages, and this journey changes his perspective.

Though, they did not have a chance to take this journey in the long run, to make their relationship work in this world. Through this story, the transformation of love and persuasion of happiness is being tested in each and every step.

And by the end of the story, they both found a magical island where they can be in love together delivering a happy and optimistic ending to this story of love and love only in pages of ‘A Pacific Love’.

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