Hip-hop artist SIR COG has given his fans songs to energize and motivate the fans. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist is brilliant in his skills in composing music.

Hip-hop artist SIR COG has many songs to cater to satisfy the thirst of hip-hop lovers worldwide. The songs of the artist are nothing but brilliant execution of his deep understanding of the genre, skills in effective songwriting, and unconventional music composing. His energy in music and passion for rap music reflects in almost every song he composes. By harnessing his skills in hip-hop music, he has given some of the brilliant tracks of hip-hop music. His songs have changed people’s lives with confidence and elevated attitude towards life. Listening to his songs means injecting doses of mental, physical, and spiritual power into the mind.

One of the brilliant exhibitions of hip-hop music is Fly Rich Freestyle. The song portrays the legitimate and perfect exercise of electrifying music. It accompanies digital beats and transition of high and low bass which brings variations to his songs. The song, Gangsta Music Throne Freestyleisagain, a depiction of his purpose of charging his listeners with unwavering confidence. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist has become an example for all the budding hip-hop artists around the world. By simply listening to his songs one can learn some of the important aspects of the genre. The artist has stepped beyond the known limitations of the genre and explored the unknown territory of hip-hop music.

 The most significant aspect of his songs is his rap. The rap focuses on poetic techniques and rhetoric and flourishes the songs adequately. It is his brilliance in songwriting that makes his songs so impactful. His other tracks ‘With My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’ are recommendable in this context. So, listen to his songs on SoundCloud. He has given more such songs on the platform. To know more about him, you can follow SIR COG on his official Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify accounts.

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