The author Jenna Marcus has launched another compelling book ‘Breathe Deep and Swim’, which tells the story of two adolescent boys setting off on a journey to find their mother after their father died from COVID-19.

In the wake of their father’s death, the younger brother and narrator, 14-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas, and his older brother, 16-year-old Van Gogh Vincent Thomas, had to figure out the rest of their lives in a matter of minutes so that they could hold fast to the only real family they had, each other.

Wolfgang, always dependent on his decisive, protective older brother, has to find strength in himself, especially as both brothers face devastating obstacles. On their journey, the brothers willingly sacrifice anything and everything so that they can stay together.

Breathe Deep and Swim

The story is elevated even further by the revealing facts about their mother, and the heart tormenting truths of the past and present, all set during the height of the pandemic.

The loving relationship between the brothers, and their fight for survival makes this book even more moving and realistic, portraying a humorous yet agonizing adolescent brotherly love.

In the review of the book, Kirkussaid, ‘An often moving portrait of brotherly love.’ Adding more to this, ‘…compelling…memorable… The story presents aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic with care and clarity.’

‘A fast-paced and timely exploration of brotherly love in the midst of family and political turmoil,’ Booklife wrote this in their review.

And Manhattan Book Review said, ‘Jenna Marcus’ incredible story captures the depths of brotherly love and the determination of a spirit faced with insurmountable odds.’

Vernita Naylor from Readers’ Favorite said about the book, ‘I loved Breathe Deep & Swim by Jenna Marcus and want to share it with the world. This book speaks of hope, innocence, and challenges from the perspectives of teenagers. Highly recommended.’

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