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Movies have that organic power that channels through the audiences without any lingual barrier. The latest Thai Film, ‘How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies’ is proving that again. This film has garnered a lot of attention and users on TikTok are offering emotional responses regarding the movie. The film is currently buzzing in the region of South East Asia.

The movie was released in April and has already topped the Box Office with its global response. Just like the title of the movie suggests, the story follows a central character named M who plots to win an inheritance of a huge amount from his grandmother who is suffering from cancer. While taking care of her, M’s morality makes him question his own intentions as he becomes close to his grandma.

The film is highly emotional, and captivating and offers a fine movie experience for the movie buff of all ages and tastes. It created a buzzing effect through TikTok where users started sharing videos with their grandmothers before even watching the movie. One of the TikTokers said, “Running over to hug my grandma now! Exceptionally touching film… This movie hit even harder because it reminded me of my own relationship with my grandma,” while another one wrote, “I cried so much that all of my make up was gone after the movie.”

Portraying pain, death, and the natural processes of life; the film has made many people cry, and the responses like, “After the movie, cry. Just cry, when you miss someone, whom you can’t even hug or hear their voice anymore”, are the greatest proof of that.

Scriptwriter Thodsapon Thiptinnakorn has done a remarkable job and the concept of the movie is based on the relationship that he shared with his late grandmother before her death. Such a huge success for director Pat Boonnitipat is also shocking to him as this is his first feature film. Boonnitipat was “really surprised” to receive such an overwhelming response.

A tear-jerker movie that also consists of a fair amount of dark comedy; sounds like a good combination to watch with friends and family. It goes without saying that singer-actor Putthipong Assaratanakul, who played the role of M has left no crumbs and literally ate it all. Usha Seamkhum has played the character of the grandmother and their on-screen chemistry is just amusing to watch.

Many critics have offered their positive reviews for the movie as well as Usha’s amazing performance. It is hard to believe that it is her debut performance. Critic James Marsh has called her “absolutely sensational” for her remarkable talents. The director said, “We love them, we also hate them, but we also have to live with them. And sometimes we neglect them. Perhaps this movie reflects the many, many angles of that complexity of a big family.”

This film is currently the 11th highest-grossing Thai film which has gathered more than 250m baht ($6.9m, £5.3m) within the first two weeks.

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