SIR COG harnessing a deep understanding of hip-hop music gave some brilliant hip-hop tracks. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist is now seeing exponential growth

Artist SIR COG is one of the most versatile artists of hip-hop music. His songs are straight, unfiltered. They have the flavors of the street style. Harnessing his skills and deep understanding of hip-hop music, the artist has given some brilliant performances in the hip-hop genre. His caliber in hip-hop music is something everyone has witnessed. Still, his charisma has never been exhausted, and it is still inspiring hip-hop lovers of different ages. In every song he composes, he tries to deliver all his passion and dedication into the songs. His versatility speaks through every song he composes. The energy he produces in his songs is connecting and infectious.


Hip-hop music is considered one of the most expressive forms of music. The song Anthem Freestyle is a glorious track that accompanies a subtle and suitable piece of music. The song connects instantly with its catchy hooks. Weaving the storyline with the highly energized vocals, the artist has breathed life into the song. Another song that attributes to his greatness in hip-hop music is Angel Freestyle. It reiterates the artist’s greatness and sophistication in composing such impactful songs. The New Successful Hip Hop Artist provides the taste of authentic hip-hop music in the song.

The seminal focus of the song is in its rap. It carries the overall significance of the song and adds meaning to it. Poetic techniques and rhetoric: These two elements combined make his songs impactful. His other songs ‘The System’, ‘The Grand Openin’, and ‘The Company’ are some of the ever-cherishing songs of the artist. His supremacy as a songwriter is unquestionable. The artist is growing faster and his growth has now exponentially increased. So, listen to the songs of rapper SIR COG on SoundCloud. To get all information about him, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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