Jaya Lesedi keeps her standard high with every song she releases. The latest track, ‘My Angel’ by the Georgia female RnB singer, succeeds to match the expectations of her fans.

Versatile music enthusiast, a gem of this time, the artist Jaya Lesedi released her track My Angel just a few days ago. Influenced by artists of different genres, Jaya Lesedi has given her best in every song she has composed. Her consistency and dedication to music have brought her to this position. The song belongs to the R&B and Soul genre and has left audiences mesmerized. Good singing quality and versatility in every respect of composing music have played together in her songs. Undoubtedly, the artist has set the expectations high and raised the bar for the other artists to match. The artist, with an experimental attitude, brings something unexpected and surprising every time.

 The music in the background is buzzing. The combination of electronic and organic instruments is dazzling and makes the song dynamic. Having a deep knowledge of instruments she always tries out the different instrumental combinations to make her song musically superfluous. The Georgia female RnB singer keeps no corners untouched to make her song one of the best songs of R&B music. Her brilliance in music is so congruous that it is loved and appreciated by music lovers worldwide. The subject she chooses for her songs is quite fanciful with some subtle touches of reality. This is why her fans find her songs relevant every time they listen to them.

One aspect of her song is her voice which is no less than magical. It leaves a lasting impact on the mind of listeners. She shifts her range, tone, and scale with songs to justify the central theme of her crafts. So, listen to the latest song ‘My Angel’ on SoundCloudJaya Lesedi, like every time, gave her best. To know her more and her style, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and her official website.

Just go for this track ‘My Angel’ by Jaya Lesedi: 


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