O’Neill Fernandes, the talented Pop music artist from Perth has released two new tracks that are making the listeners groove with the catchy music.

O'Neill Fernandes

Auspicious artist of this generation O’Neill Fernandes has released two new tracks titled Shut Up And Dance’, and Lady Rose, has to smoke catchy beats that are perfect for party anthems. Both these songs are filled with energetic beats and snappy tunes that are truly captivating the listeners’ minds. The artist has been in the industry for quite a long time and these two tracks are from the artist’s 35th album. These two tracks truly capture the artistic growth of O’Neill Fernandes and are rare examples of what pop music lovers require at the moment.

The tracks are composed with unique and fun beats and as the artist expected. They are making the listeners’ ears fill with joy and making them dance. These summer hits can work as instant mood fresheners and can easily light up the scene. Both ‘Shut Up And Dance’, and ‘Lady Rose’, are different from each other as the composition goes, but both carry upbeat, funky pop beats that are a flawless mixture of modern pop music and quirkiness. The artistry of this Pop music artist from Perth is perfectly showcased in the composition of these tracks.

A little bit on the euphoric side of the production, these songs are paired with beautiful lyrics that are attracting the listeners even more. Where the melody is kept stylish and dance-ready, the lyrics are simple and fun and together create colorful musical pieces. The artist was able to convey his joyful feelings through the lyrics that made the audience feel energetic and happy as well.

This is not the first time that the artist O’Neill Fernandes has showcased his talents, you can listen to other musical masterpieces such as ‘Moving On Up’, ‘Country Girl’, ‘Levitating’, ‘On The Beach’, ‘Blame It On The Boogie’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Macarena’, etc. The artist’s whole discography is available on Soundcloud along with the latest two tracks. For further updates, you can follow him on social media platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Check out this latest album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.5’ by O’Neill Fernandes: 


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