Austria-born Christian Krauter has signified the musical genre of EDM with his music quite well. The Queensland DJ is absolutely unstoppable at his peak powers.

Christian Krauter

Christian Krauter has been turning the music industry upside down with his magnificent compositions. The artist has become an iconic figure in the field of electronic dance music. The rich musical knowledge and the expertise in crafting masterpieces have become normal for the artist. Leading with an example, the artist is a popular name among young individuals who are trying to make a name for themselves. The unparalleled talent and ability of the artist in performing with sub-genres like Nu Disco, Pop House, Slap House, and Dance & EDM have made his SoundCloud profile an ideal destination for some pure entertainment.

Hailing from Australia, the Queensland DJ has been setting the standards higher with each of his releases. So much so, that the artist’s latest release More Energy More Power has already gathered more than 42k plays on SoundCloud. With newer productions taking the top spots on the charts, year-old compositions from the artist also dominate several charts as well. Tracks like Convolution In Notes – live set,” “contentious sound,” “Dreamers & Melodies,” and “Coffee’s Birthday 2021” entertain true electronic music enthusiasts to date. The artist is an expert in composing basslines that rises and falls with the ongoing intensity of a track.

Music has always been an integral part of Christian Krauter’s life, as the artist also turns out to be a self-learner of many instrumentals. The artist has always dedicated any spare time to making music that can win hearts and portray his confident personality. The artist started off his musical journey by watching tutorials and examining DJs years ago. Having had the privilege of roaming the world, the artist has got a perfect taste in music. Listen to all the numbers of the artist only on SoundCloud. Follow the artist on Spotify, YouTube,, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more.

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