Upbeat music along with fun and quirky rap is the overriding element that can be found in the Atlanta hip hop artist Da-mind’s latest track ‘I’m Not’.


The musically blissful soundscape I’m Not by the emerging artist Da-Mind is everything hip hop and rap lovers are looking for these days. The genre of hip hop and rap in the music industry has given success and popularity to numerous artists in the past. This Atlanta hip-hop artist is just the next in line as his musical caliber of expressing himself through his tracks is his USP. The young and talented artist has become a fan favorite in a short period due to his immense talent which is reflected in his latest track.

The track includes refreshing and pumping beats which keep the listener engaged throughout. On the other hand, the funky lyrics that are also relatable make the audience hooked on the song. In addition to that, the artist has shown his extreme ability and grasp of the art of lyricism by adding fun and modern lyrics that have a unique way of storytelling, leaving the listeners with an enchanting experience. The track ‘I’m Not’ can be perfectly described as a reflection of Da-Mind’s immense talent as an artist and a composer that produces groovy music that can easily hook the listeners on the first go.

It has always been present in the artist’s other creations such as ‘My Best Life’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘No Drama’, ‘Dat Other Dude’. The artist’s talent does not stop at composing; he has also shown his caliber in songwriting as his lyricism can make the audience relate to it. The artist owns his label named Da-Mind Ent LLC which proves that he as an independent artist has the ability to do it all. You can follow his whole discography on Soundcloud and for the latest updates about his life and music you can follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter.

Just go for this track ‘I’m Not’ by Da-Mind: 


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