The newest release, ‘Epiphany’ by the Indiana electronic music artist DJ Zman is impressive in all aspects. Listen to its joyous and cheerful music on Soundcloud.

DJ Zman

The performing genre of EDM music and dance music is extremely difficult to master; however, the promising talent DJ Zman has done it again with his new single Epiphany. This talented Indiana electronic artist has gained the love and support of the listeners with his new musical piece and its groovy composition. The musically cheerful and filled with catchy musical beats, this fresh song is a perpetual piece of EDM and Dance musical genre which carries its true essence. The listeners are bound to join the dance floor and follow the rhythm of the track whenever the song is playing. The artist is a DJ and knows how to engage the audience with the mixing of musical tunes and beats which keeps them energized throughout. He has poured all his knowledge and creativity into the track which is perfect for a party anthem.

The track, ‘Epiphany’ has the essence of electronic music that can brighten up any room it enters and put the audience up for a dance. It has not been long since the Indiana electronic music artist debuted in the industry and has been uploading his tracks on Soundcloud, but in this short period of time DJ Zman has gained an adequate amount of listeners who all have shown positive response toward the released track and showering it with love. The composition of the tracks is the real winner in this case which is filled with energetic beats and catchy tunes, putting the audience on a complete rollercoaster with the beat drops.

The more you listen to it, the more you would want to keep this track on repeat. The dynamic tunes are filling the moods of the listeners with energy and give them an alluring experience that is impossible to ignore. There are previous tracks of this aspiring music artist that are praiseworthy, such as ‘Stand Together’, ‘Introuction’, ‘Sky’, ‘Eternity’, etc. which are all available on Soundcloud. You can also follow him on Instagram for further updates.

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