Queensland DJ Christian Krauter brings forth a new creative wave in Electronic music with tracks like “Oh Why” and “Give Me Bass House”, streaming on SoundCloud.

Christian Krauter

Music is a quintessential instrument for the expression of human emotions, and Christian Krauter’s music holds true to this philosophy. Despite never having a formal music lesson, he produces tracks that not only “sound good” but are sure to lift you off your feet and take you straight to the dance floor or a trance-like soundscape. His mantra is “practice, persistence, and patience”. With tracks like “Metal Scream” and “Pixel Bob” to his credit, this Queensland DJ is gradually but definitely revolutionizing EDM music, with his music being all the rage on SoundCloud.

Most of Christian’s free time is spent playing with synthesizers on his DAWS. The chilled tracks, accentuated with vox, synth, cuts, and a pleasing tempo, have won him a huge online fanfare. He studied and drew inspiration from various DJs through time, and with his own creativity and technological innovation, created a style that was entirely his own. He is a passionate soul that put his knowledge of technology into the cultivation of his passion which led to such tracks as Oh Why and Give Me Bass House which are two of his best creations. The love these two tracks have received from his listeners vouches for his creative genius.

Christian is truly an example of how creativity knows no bounds; you don’t need to have formal musical learning or know how to play all the instruments in order to create good music. All you need is a musical spirit and a desire to learn and never to give up. It is this philosophy that shines through his music. His tracks such as – ‘Fricative Sound’, ‘Pixel BOB’, and ‘BoopDa Bee’ are perfect whether you want to sit back and chill or tap your feet to their tempo. Krauter’s LiveSets are soon to be released. Tune in to SoundCloud and check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates. Also, follow his YouTube Channel Christian Krauter to check out some of his other works.

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