SANEY BOY, the gifted London folk artist, has released two fresh tracks which are impressive in all forms; acoustic tunes, thoughtful lyrics, and dreamy compositions.


Acoustic delicacy is one of the most important and significant features of folk music that is hard to nail. Mastering that quality, the London folk artist SANEY BOY is impressing the fans with the latest release of two brand new tracks, ‘To be someone‘, and ‘Meet Me In My Dreams’. The tracks are highly engaging and offer a captivating experience for the listeners. They carry the true essence of the acoustic folk music genre that is celebrated throughout the entire tracks. The delicacy of both the poetic depth in the lyrics and the composition style of the songs have created two genuinely beautiful soundscapes which is the ultimate success of the artist.

SANEY BOY is not just the singer of these tracks but also plays a vital role in creating the tracks as a songwriter. The verses are eloquent and prepossessing; that is the souls of the tracks. These are impressively complemented by the composition of the songs. ‘To be someone’, and ‘Meet Me In My Dreams‘ are based on two different themes. One is written around a love interest and the other one follows the inner thoughts of the artist. Both tracks are taking the audience on a journey worth investing time on. The composition is kept minimal by the artist, primarily focusing on the guitar tunes with a touch of simplicity by the fingerstyles.

The breathy and emotive vocals of the tracks prove the caliber of the artist as a singer. He has been consistent in developing his craftsmanship with each piece of music and these recent tracks are fine examples of his artistic growth. In the genre of folk music, the artist’s contribution is epitomizing. His music is available on SoundCloud along with his other popular tracks, ‘The Devil Inside You.mp3’, ‘Wheres My Little Diamond.wav’, and ‘Stuck in the middle with you.mp3’, etc. Fans who want to know more about the artist can follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of SANEY BOY:

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