An Indiana electronic music artist DJ Zman is all set to be the next big thing in the Electronic Music Industry with two new tracks: ‘Craft’ and ‘Hobby’.

DJ Zman

If you want to give your playlist a jiving new makeover, plug into the sensual, trendy tracks of music artist DJ Zman. This enthusiastic musical soul has a flair for producing music that is catchy and new. Much to the delight and anticipation of his fans, DJ Zman has come up with two amazing tracks under the label name Freedom Recordings, namely ‘Craft’ and ‘Hobby’ and they have already made their mark as timeless musical pieces. In the musical catalog of this Indiana electronic music artist, every new creation has been a priceless addition and each new piece showcases his growth and development as an artist.

“Hobby” begins with intriguing atmospheric music that catches the attention of the audience. It soon breaks into a fast-paced rhythm that has a nightlife vibe to it and is exhilarating as the music builds up. Soon it transitions into a rocking dance number, gradually falling back into a circular pattern. This track is definitely a personal favorite and has all the record-breaking qualities in it. “Craft”, from the very beginning, prepares the listeners for a fast dance number. It is a song that truly marks the excellence of his craftsmanship. The hard bars and the electronic synths make a riveting track for the dance floor. The wordless tracks speak for themselves through their excellence.

The not-so-subtle edge to his music definitely puts one into a raving mood, and we can’t help the allure of the upbeat tracks and get straight into rolling with the rhythm.  DJ Zman had previously made a mark among his audience with tracks like ‘LLC’ and ‘Hardwork’ and now he is all set to do the same with his newest numbers ‘Craft’ and ‘Hobby’. To listen to more such amazing tracks, hop into SoundCloud. You can also stream them on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel to never miss an update!\

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