The talented Christian DJ/Producer Beniarc furthers his journey of reviving the musical scenario of Christian Trance with two new tracks ‘Ben Fatto’ and ‘Collide’.


The classically trained Christian DJ/Producer and award-winning cellist Beniarc revives the genre of Christian Trance with his euphonious tracks ‘Ben Fatto’ and ‘Collide’. Intending to bring hope and inspiration to a lost generation, the artist creates tracks that are rife with the holy presence. He brings classic elements together with contemporary ones, carrying listeners into a realm of melody and groove with a unique spiritual presence. The tracks invoke an epiphanic feeling within the hearts of listeners and bring out the raw emotions that connect them to God. Both tracks bring out the musical adroitness of the artist and are melodies with a purpose.

‘Collide’ is a fast-paced number that immediately puts listeners into a jiving rhythm. The angelic vocal outbreak in the middle, gives the song a divine touch and grips the attention of the listeners, putting them into a trance-like state. The unique blend of warm melody with EDM makes the track a winner in the lot. ‘Ben Fatto’ is an ingenious piece of musical mastery that evokes nostalgia and establishes the artistic sublimity of the DJ. The track begins with an intriguing tune that sounds like an ethereal harp and choir, which soon breaks into an upbeat track. The urgency of EDM is juxtaposed with the soothing tune that creates a combination that one cannot easily forget.

Beniarc’s is the music of the soul that resonates with all hearts. The spiritual proximity that the artist shares with the Lord is evident in the track and is conveyed to the listeners who cannot help being touched by the same. His music arises from the depth of emotions that the artist felt through the various experiences of his life and he shares this cathartic experience with his listeners through music, evident in tracks like ‘Reach The Sky’ and ‘Addiction (Stop)’. To listen to these brilliant tracks, hop into SoundCloud. Also, follow him on YouTube and Instagram.

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