The Ohio Techno Artist Giulio Ricciardi has a fresh release for Techno music lovers. The latest ‘12.11.2022’ is impressing music lovers from all over the world.

Giulio Ricciardi

If you are a techno and house music lover, then your soul must be longing for beats that can enlighten the entire room with freshness and tempo. The very talented artist and DJ Giulio Ricciardi have released his latest project which will give you the satisfaction of listening to these genres. The track, 12.11.2022is now out on Soundcloud, and after its release, it has gained praise and popularity from all over the world. This young and enthusiastic artist is fairly new to the streaming platform but with his exceptional talent, he has made quite an impression on the listeners.

The Ohio Techno Artist is a one-man-army as he solely managed to mix and produce the track which is nearly 1 hour. Throughout the entire length of the track, people will enjoy it as it is filled with exciting and energetic beats. He is currently working under the label Deeplomatic where he composes, produces, and distributes his music. The creative tech-house production in ‘12.11.2022’ is as flavorful as it can get. It also contains trippy details, and heavy beats, making the audience groove along. Ohio Techno Artist has shown exceptional caliber by creating this musical piece which perfectly reflects his passion for creating music. His craftsmanship and high spirit as a mixer and producer are commendable, especially in making tech-house and EDM tracks.

The artist has kept the soundscape both soulful and rooted in industrial music. Passionate about music since his childhood, his artistic growth can be seen in this track by Giulio Ricciardi. With the track, the artist takes the audience to a hypnotic realm where there are just the listeners and the music is alive. There are some previous tracks of the artist, such as; ‘Tread Lightly’, ‘Intro’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘The Streets’, ‘August 2022 Wrap-Up’, ‘Sleepless Set 8.6.2022’, and ‘Storm Set 7.25.2022’ are praiseworthy. Listen to his discography on Soundcloud, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and his website for more information.

Giulio Ricciardi’s ‘12.11.2022’ is now on SoundCloud:

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