Music Promotion Club’s organic SoundCloud promotion services are here to help you flourish in your music career. Grab a flat 15% discount before January 4.

Working with the most popular and reputed promotional company, the Music promotion Club will give you online recognition. Along with it, the promotional campaigns will also help aspiring singers gain an increased amount of followers and listeners. The 100% authentic and organic SoundCloud promotion can only be found through the services of the company. One of the reasons why the company has gained popularity and a good reputation in the industry is because of the quality service at a reasonable price range. On the occasion of the new year, the customers are getting an additional 15% discount on these reasonable price packages which increases the service value to the maximum. Well, this offer is going to end soon by January 4.

Organic Soundcloud Promotion
Organic Soundcloud Promotion

Using the Music Promotion Club‘s services means there will be guaranteed results within a week of promotions. The company has been in the industry for several years and has worked closely with premium clients over the years. This has helped the team of professionals gain useful experience and allowed them to know the different ways of doing promotions that are 100% effective.

There are a total of 4 different packages that offer different services to clients. The first package is the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack‘ that is originally priced at $59. Getting this promotional package means getting 2 hours of daily manual sharing of content on social media platforms for 4-5 days. After applying the new year’s offer, the clients will be getting this package at just $51. This package is guaranteed to get the musicians at least 15,000+ plays worldwide with authentic increased likes and engagement.

The second package is the ‘Soundcloud Promotion Package‘ which will give the artists daily 4 hours of content sharing on the social platforms for over a week. Using this package means getting at least 40,000+ plays worldwide, with increased organic likes and engagements on different tracks. This package is priced at only $110 which is reasonable considering the visibility the artists will gain once they use this. After applying the discount of 15%, this package is now priced at only $94. There is also the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack‘ that is priced at $59 per week. This will give the artists daily 2 hours of content sharing and 20,000+ plays worldwide. This is the perfect package that will create social media buzz for the artist which is now available at a 15% discount, only $51 per week.

The last package is called the ‘Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package‘ which gets the artists at least 50,000+ plays worldwide, increased authentic likes and engagement on different musical tracks. The daily 4 hours of content sharing on social media and different websites are guaranteed to increase the visibility of the artists and the popularity of the artists’ brand images. This is priced at only $110 per week which at this time, due to the new year’s offer, is available at only $94 per week.

These are great deals for struggling and aspiring musical artists as they will become popular on social media. With an increased amount of engagement and likes on Soundcloud, it will be easier for them to book more gigs. The possibility of being noticed by record labels after getting a viral track is also higher which is only achievable if they use Music Promotion Club’s authentic and genuine services.

From increased engagement, and more visibility, to an increased fanbase, Music Promotion Club can do it all. Now that the services are available at a discounted rate, grab them before it’s gone!

About the company:

Music Promotion Club is coming up to help out all the artists to grow in the music industry with their services. Know more about their services by just visiting their website at

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